The year of living dangerously: Time for our Annual Golf Quiz

June 25, 2007

Golf Digest Writer at-Large Dan Jenkins puts your golf knowledge to the test and asks the question ... what was Jesper Parnevik considering naming his daughter before deciding on "Pebble Beach?" And why did Jose Maria Olazabal punch a hotel room wall and break his hand?

It was a dark and stormy night, and the evil howl of Golf Quiz VI could be heard throughout the forest:

Sergio Garcia's dangerous tree-stump 6-iron shot in the PGA at Medinah was:

(a) The Shot Heard Round the World.

(b) The Shot Heard Round the Mayo Clinic.

(c) The Shot Heard Round the Home for the Criminally Insane.

__ Names considered by Jesper Parnevik for his daughter before deciding on "Pebble Beach":__

(a) Merion.

(b) Hazel Tina.

(c) Myrtle Beach.

(d) Charlotte Country Club.

__ The Europeans accused the following of disrupting Jose Maria Olazabal at the Ryder Cup in Brookline, Mass.:__

(a) The Boston Red Sox.

(b) The Boston Marathon.

(c) The New England Patriots.

(d) Paul Revere.

(e) The Abominable Tour Wife.

__ The message Phil Mickelson was expecting if his beeper went off during the U.S. Open with wife Amy expecting their first child:__

(a) "Philip, it's Amy! Baby time!"

(b) "Phil, it's Johnny Miller! Time you made a putt in a major!"

(c) "Phil, it's the pressroom! If you WD with the lead, can we write the screenplay?"

__ The biggest hazard at Carnoustie:__

(a) The Firth of Tay.

(b) The Loch Ness Monster.

(c) Americans heckling Colin Montgomerie.

(d) The superintendent.

__ Jack Nicklaus designed his artificial hip to resemble:__

(a) The Road Hole at St. Andrews.

(b) The Swilcan Bridge.

(c) The Arc de Triomphe.

(d) Arnold Palmer.

__ The biggest break of the year:__

(a) Phoenix Open ruling that a large boulder was not "solidly embedded" and could be removed by Tiger Woods' gallery.

(b) British Open ruling that Jean Van de Velde's brain was not "solidly embedded" and could be removed by Paul Lawrie's gallery.

__ What was the math puzzle Jesper Parnevik had on his mind when he missed a two-foot putt?__

(a) "If you put a rope around the 25,000-mile circumference of the Earth and then placed another rope three feet higher, how much longer would the second rope be?"

(b) "How many Swedes does it take to screw up a two-foot putt?"

__ On the last hole of the British Open, Jean Van de Velde's 7 captured the hearts of:__

(a) The Marx Brothers.

(b) The Three Stooges.

(c) The French Foreign Legion.

(d) The Honourable Company of Carnoustie Undertakers.

__ What was it when John Huston, Andrew Magee, Jeff Maggert and Steve Pate made it to the semifinals of the first World Golf Championship match-play event?__

(a) The debut of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players.

(b) ABC's worst nightmare.

(c) The end of civilization as we know it.

__ The main reason Arnold Palmer became a full-fledged member at Augusta National:__

(a) He finally decided it has a better layout than Latrobe.

(b) He's just got this thing about green coats.

(c) He wants to blackball Jack Nicklaus.

__ Earl Woods made headlines when he said Scotland was:__

(a) Miserable.

(b) Godforsaken.

(c) A sewer.

(d) A perfectly lovely place to freeze to death.

__ At what point in 1999 did Mark O'Meara, the Player of the Year in 1998, become Mark O'Meara again?__

(a) When he didn't repeat in the Masters.

(b) When he didn't repeat in the British Open.

(c) When he was asked to win a clutch point for America in the Ryder Cup and promptly went Dixie.

(d) When Tiger Woods moved into a condo in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

__ Why Masters champion Jose Maria Olazabal punched a hotel-room wall and broke his hand at the U.S. Open:__

(a) Had a bad feeling about his first-round 75.

(b) Had a bad feeling about Pinehurst's greens.

(c) Had a bad feeling about the mint on his pillow.

__ What happened after Tiger Woods told Fluff Cowan to take the week off so a buddy could earn money for med school:__

(a) Tiger won the tournament.

(b) Tiger bought the medical school.

(c) Tiger had Fluff surgically removed from the payroll.

__ What happened when Greg Norman's roofer was charged with stealing two sets of clubs:__

(a) The man won a major with each set, matching Greg's career total.

(b) The roof fell in on Greg again at the Masters.

(c) Greg botched the British Open when he reached for a sand wedge and pulled out a staple gun.

__ How 1999 went for Seve Ballesteros, Buzz Taylor and Matt Kuchar's father:__

(a) Who?

(b) Who?

(c) Who?

__ What happened after Mark O'Meara gave some of his Presidents Cup charity money to his daughter's prep school:__

(a) School was renamed The Mark O'Meara Resort Spa.

(b) Wife said he didn't have to boycott dinner.

(c) Kids threatened to boycott the soccer team unless they got a bigger cut of the cash.

__ The U.S. team's Ryder Cup comeback pushed news of Juli Inkster's Hall of Fame victory to:__

(a) The bottom of the sports pages.

(b) The bottom of the news hour.

(c) The bottom of the bird feeder.

__ The title of David Leadbetter's next instruction book will be:__

(a) Take Dead Aim at Harvey Penick.

(b) Correcting Ben Hogan's Five Lessons.

(c) Another Way of Looking at Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way.

__ Great Britain won the Walker Cup over the U.S. by using:__

(a) Two American college players.

(b) Four American players.

(c) The sophomore class at U.S. International University.

__ The LPGA will have another new commis-sioner in:__

(a) Six more months.

(b) Six more weeks.

(c) Six more minutes.

__ What Sergio Garcia said when he threw his shoe into the gallery at Wentworth:__

(a) "Can you show me something in a size 12?"

(b) "As my buddy Steve Pate would say, 'Cheer that, you morons!' "

__ How David Duval burned his hand on a teapot:__

(a) He'd forgotten to take off his shades indoors.

(b) He was reaching for his snuff.

(c) Somebody had said hello and he was contemplating a response.

(d) He'd just heard the vicious rumor that he wasn't going to get paid for playing in the Ryder Cup.

__ The U.S. team's Ryder Cup uniforms changed our national colors from red, white and blue to:__

(a) Olive drab.

(b) Mauve and smog.

(c) Rain forest and fennel.

(d) California cuisine.

__ The following will happen again when the U.S. Open returns to Pebble Beach:__

(a) Jack Nicklaus hits the flag with a 1-iron at 17.

(b) Tom Watson holes an impossible wedge at 17.

(c) Gil Morgan gift-wraps an 81 for Tom Kite.

(d) Nicklaus goes on TV and mistakenly congratulates Colin Montgomerie on winning his first major.