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Jason Pierre-Paul gave the perfect response when asked about returning from a broken neck

October 23, 2019

Jason Pierre-Paul's first few seasons in the NFL went about as well as they could with the freakish defensive talent making two Pro Bowls and winning a Super Bowl for the New York Giants. Things haven't gone quite as smoothly since. Pierre-Paul underwent back surgery for a herniated disk in 2013, had a finger amputated after a fireworks accident (Be careful out there, kids!) in 2015, and fractured his neck in a car accident earlier this year. At 30, he's already suffered more than a lifetime of bad (and freakish) injuries, but now he's back for more because GRRR he's a FOOTBALL GUY. Oh, and he probably wants to get paid his entire contract.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were excited to have their prized outside linebacker return to practice on Wednesday. Pierre-Paul took some contact on the football field before fielding some questions from reporters. And when it came to being asked about the challenge of returning from a broken neck, JPP offered the perfect response:

What else can you say? He makes a good point.