Jason Peters' custom Super Bowl truck is pure vehicular absurdity

If you thought Super Bowl fever was finally dying down in the great city of Philadelphia, think again. Neither the Process nor the arrival of Jake Arrieta nor whatever the hell the Flyers are doing have been able to jolt the Philly Phaithful out of their collective dream state, and if you don't believe us, well, just check out Eagles offensive tackle Jason Peters' truly, utterly, completely ridiculous new motorized wooly mammoth truck:


So sure, it looks like the kind of whip they'd give a B-villain in Fast and Furious 300: Spartan Race and probably gets about the same mpg as an aircraft carrier, but we're not gonna knock Jason too hard for this beast. First of all, he has a Super Bowl ring and we most certainly do not, and second of all, it's still a hell of a lot better than this:

eagles-fan-super-bowl-three-peat-tattoo-photo (1).jpg