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'Just so much fabric': PGA Tour live commentator perfectly describes Jason Day's WILD pants

If the folks at Malbon are believers in the "any publicity is good publicity" mantra, then they are loving what they are seeing so far with their newest brand amabssador, Jason Day, at The Sentry in Hawaii.

Day first grabbed all of Golf Twitter's attention on New Year's Day, when the PGA Tour's Sean Martin tweeted a photo of the Aussie in his new Malbon apparel. The gigantic sleeves on his shirt were difficult to ignore:

The following day, Day's move to Malbon was made official, an announcement that featured a hype video with a number of outfits the former World No. 1 would be rocking in the new year. One frame that jumped out immediately was one of Day hitting a bunker shot in pants featuring some sort of print on them. Day also had on a white belt, an accessory that the golf world left for dead nearly a decade ago

Those pants made their first in-tournament appearance on Friday, and one PGA Tour Live commentator perfectly described them in a hilarious clip that's already making the rounds on social media:

What's funny is it's not so much the print on the pants that's got people talking. It's much more about the baggyness of them. Like the white belt, baggy was left for dead long ago, but fashion trends always make a comeback, don't they? It's cyclical. 

Hey, if it gets the people talking, you're doing something right. Also, Day looked pretty good on Thursday (he also played REALLY good, too):

Much like we saw in the original Malbon / Day teaser video, it's clear there's going to be some very good looks and some very, um, different looks for Day this year. Nobody ever said trend-setting was easy.