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Tony Finau's brother records funniest (and dumbest) golf video of the new year

January 05, 2024

While Tony Finau opens the PGA Tour season in balmy Hawaii, his younger brother, Gipper, is playing recreationally in a much, much colder climate. But that doesn't mean he's not having as much fun.

On Friday, Gipper shared an early candidate for the funniest golf video of 2024. It will also be in the running for one of the dumbest things we see on a golf course in 2024.

In the video, a man he and Tony refer to as "Uncle Wixy" not only tries to retrieve a golf ball resting on top of a frozen pond, but wants to hit a recovery shot. He never gets to attempt one, however, because (SPOILER ALERT!) the ice cracks.

Have a look as Wixy continues to his foolish pursuit despite the pleas from Gipper and the sounds of the ice starting to give way. And then he keeps going, falling into the depths of the freezing water a few times before finally pulling himself back to dry land:

That Wixy is a wild man. And, fortunately, a live man, which is why Gipper and Tony can laugh about the accidental polar plunge. According to Gipper's caption, this happened on the ninth hole so he went into the clubhouse, showered, changed, and proceeded to play another 13 holes. Wixy!

Gipper also explained that they had a lot on the line for that hole, which is why Wixy was so intent on not taking a penalty. On the bright side, Wixy didn't lose his golf ball. On the bad side, his shoes are going to take a while to dry out—and he may want to be monitored tonight for hypothermia. Just to be safe.