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James Hahn takes a jab at the USGA over possible golf ball rollback

February 23, 2018

Chris Condon

Whether golf's governing bodies decide to do something to curb how far tour pros hit the ball remains to be seen, but it's certainly a hot topic of conversation. Earlier this week, Jack Nicklaus, long a proponent of rolling back the golf ball, said USGA executive director Mike Davis assured him they're "getting closer" to reaching such a decision. But even if arguably the greatest golfer of all time is for something, that doesn't mean all current PGA Tour pros would be on board.

On Friday, two-time PGA Tour winner James Hahn issued this little jab at the USGA on Twitter:

Funny stuff, James. Well, not the part about the 3-point line. Don't joke about that, please. We already learned earlier this week that Major League Baseball might let managers choose who gets to bat in the ninth inning. Where does it end?!

But none of the things listed by Hahn are equipment issues. A more apt analogy would be the NBA raising the height of the rim to keep dunking down. Hmm. That doesn't sound like much fun, either. . . Anyway, this certainly won't be the last we hear about this potential change. And James won't be the last tour pro to take shots at it on Twitter.