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Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp play-by-play guy gets laptop killed by foul ball live on air

July 06, 2018

While you were slurping down your fifth rocket pop and celebrating America by throwing a bean bag through a hole in a piece of wood until you need Tommy John, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp play-by-play maestro Roger Hoover was having, and we quote, "one of the worst days I've had in quite some time." That's because Hoover, during the Jumbo Shrimp's July 4th matchup against the Mobile BayBears, was on the receiving end of a big, fat middle finger from the universe, when a foul ball came straight back into the booth, smashing his laptop to literal pieces in the process. Here's his hilarious call:

Here's the less than hilarious result:

Here's hoping the Jumbo Shrimp step up and comp Hoover a new MacBook, because this guy is nothing if not the employee of the month. Working on the 4th is one thing, but getting your computer killed and still managing to recover in time to call nothing and two on Walsh? Well, that's stuff American heroes are made of.