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Jack on Bloomberg

November 16, 2007

In case you missed it, our Hall of Fame Playing Editor Jack Nicklaus did an interview with Allan Dodds Frank of Bloomberg News recently. The video is up on Bloomberg.com and it's worth a look. Excerpts:

On business:

The biggest mistake I ever did was let my guys talk me into taking a part of the company public. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. I had no idea what--what the rules and laws were of a public company. And we did a public company. And a lot of people lost money, including me...It was a great lesson. But, you know, if you're gonna get into that business, you better know what the devil you're doing.>

On course design:

You've gotta learn how to design golf course not only for--for the ability to be able to host a tournament, but you really design it for who's going to play it 51 weeks a year. And it--it's the average golfer and the women, the kids, the beginners. You've got to be able to get them around the golf course. >

On Tiger:

He understands what to do and when to do it and how to do it and how to keep your composure and how to control the one thing he can control, that's himself. And that's the only thing you can control. And he does that better than anybody.>

Other intresting quotes on the ball and modern equipment, on Tiger breaking his majors record, on the issue of steroids in golf...Worth a look.

--Bob Carney