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'It Was Ego Gone Wild'

June 15, 2009

Wow. Quite a profile of Edra Blixseth in yesterday's New York Times business section. Here's the link.

I've been following the Yellowstone Club saga fairly carefully over the past couple of years and, still, yesterday's lengthy feature by Amy Wallace included a lot of fresh material. Yes, much of it is gossipy personal stuff...but hey, it made for good reading.

Among the stranger tidbits: Some people apparently believe that Edra and her ex-husband, Tim, are secretly still together and plotting to take over the Yellowstone Club again. If so, she is doing an awfully convincing job of playing the bitter ex-wife. At one of Edra's parties, she had voodoo dolls and pinatas shaped liked Tim.

Elsewhere in the article, she describes him as an uncontrollable spender who threw money around to help him get through a midlife crisis. After receiving a fateful $375 million loan from Credit Suisse several years ago, she says, "it was ego gone wild."

(It should be noted that Edra spends pretty freely herself. Wait till you get to the bit about the, um, camel scrotum...)

Tim Blixseth had no comment for the article.

-- P.F.