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Is Tiger's knee his Achilles heel?

February 07, 2009

Sports Illustrated's Frank Deford in this column raises the possibility that Tiger Woods' days as a dominant force in golf might be over as a result of knee surgery.

"Not to be a Cassandra," Deford writes, "but the left leg is a vital cog in the golfer machine. There's hardly any guarantee with Woods' health, so it'll be even more agonizing if the sport has to keep running in place, waiting, without really knowing, when its meal ticket may finally return. Or worse: suppose the Tiger Woods who finally does come back is not the deity who left? Not even Tiger Woods may be able to come off serious surgery and wish himself back to the power and glory he knew."

It seems unlikely that Tiger will be anything other than what he's always been. He won a U.S. Open on one leg, remember. Chances are he'll figure it out.

-- John Strege