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Is Tiger Woods not wearing his signature red on Sunday at Torrey Pines? (UPDATE: Mystery solved!)

Much has been made over the last year plus about Tiger Woods being a changed man, and some of it is certainly true. It's also been a welcome sight. This latest "change", however, might not go over too well with his fans.

After failing to make a move on Saturday at Torrey Pines, Woods found himself 13 shots back of Justin Rose at day's end. This isn't the first time in his career he's entered a final round completely out of contention, but even when he's out of the mix, he still always dons his signature red and black. This doesn't appear to be the case on Sunday, as you can see in this picture sent out by the Tiger Tracker of Woods on the putting green before his round. It's difficult to tell since he's wearing a black sweater over it, but that shirt doesn't look red, does it? Have a look for yourself:

Looks pretty pink to us. Okay, everyone remain calm:

Woods' Sunday shirt history has never been always plain red, as many have included stripes and other patterns, but the dominant color is always red. Never before has he worn a pink shirt for a final round, as far as we know. Some are okay with it, claiming it's okay since he's out of contention, though that's never stopped him from sticking with the wardrobe before:

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Is this going to be a new thing for Woods? Skipping the red and black when he knows he can't win? I guess we'll find out, though hopefully he's in contention more often and we don't have to. We'll continue to monitor just how pink the shirt is and keep you updated. Investigative journalism at its finest.

UPDATE: Apparently, Tiger IS wearing red. "Gym red," in fact. Check out this tweet from Golf Channel analyst/Tiger confidant Notah Begay III:

Take a deep breath, everyone.