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Is this the most Michigan Man-looking Michigan Man who has ever lived?

I'm not sure when the term "Michigan Man" started, and I'm really not sure what it means. It gets thrown around pretty liberally by Michigan alum and fans of the storied football and basketball programs. Brady Hoke was once a "Michigan Man," and I'm sure Rich Rodriguez was too. Tom Brady, who was benched on numerous occasions during his time at U of M, is now a "Michigan Man" mostly for what he's done in his pro career. There is no formula that explains how to become a "Michigan Man."

That being said, there has never been a more Michigan Man-looking Michigan Man in the history of Michigan Men than John Kerr, who ESPN cameras captured taking in Game 1 of the College World Series on Monday night. Kerr's whole vibe, and the graphic that displayed some of his top career achievements from his time on the Michigan baseball team in the 1960s, practically SCREAMS Michigan Man:

Folks, that is a Michigan Man. A man who put his body on the line and likely has a noodle arm because of it all for that giant yellow M on his hat. Two complete games, 19 innings, 313 pitches in ONE day! John Kerr must scoff at today's game, where pitchers need five, sometimes six days of rest after barely making it out of the fifth inning on 85 pitches. John Kerr woke up every morning and threw 85 pitches before he had his morning coffee. Hell, he was probably ripping cigs and eating hot dogs in between those two complete games for all we know. And don't forget about the game-winning sac fly. Guy was a five-tool player.

Kerr, who was a member of the last Michigan team to win the College World Series in 1962, is in Omaha this week to watch his grandson Jimmy, the current team's senior first baseman. On Monday night the Wolverines took Game 1 over Vanderbilt 7-4, and Jimmy went 1-for-5 with a homer and a pair of RBIs. One more victory and the Wolverines would have the school's third College World Series title, two of which would come with a Kerr on the team. Michigan Men breed more Michigan Men, it's that simple.