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This mic'd moment from the Michigan-Ohio State game features a classic Harbaugh flip-out

After living through the painful experience that was Jim Harbaugh's worst season as Michigan's head football coach, the last thing Wolverines fans wanted was to relive it via a documentary series. But since they had no say in the matter, Amazon went ahead and released its latest "All Or Nothing" series, one that's previously featured the Arizona Cardinals in 2016 and the L.A. Rams in 2017 and will feature the Dallas Cowboys' drama-filled 2017-'18 campaign later this month.

But first, Amazon rolled out its college team edition on April 5, which documents Michigan's 8-5 year that included devastating losses to rivals Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State. For the Michigan faithful, it sounds more like a horror film, but for the rest of us college football nerds in need of some behind-the-scenes stuff, it certainly looks appealing. Take for example, this clip an Ohio State fan Twitter account sent out this week from "The Game", which the Buckeyes won 31-20 in Ann Arbor despite losing starting quarterback J.T. Barrett. A couple Michigan defensive players thought that would be a turning point in the game. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for:

While the clip cuts off, I think we all know by now they did not in fact "get his ass," as backup QB Dwayne Haskins entered the game with the Buckeyes down 20-14 and left with the 31-20 victory. The pass seen in the video was Haskins' second of the day and it came on 3rd and 13 from Ohio State's own 47-yard line. An absolute backbreaker that led to that A+ Harbaugh flip-out, "DANG IT." Haskins wound up going 6-for-7 for 94 yards in addition to rushing for 24 yards on three carries. Impressive stuff from a true freshman in the biggest moment of his football career up until that point.