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Injured PGA Tour pro proves he could still crush you at golf with his one good arm

February 26, 2019

It's been less than two months since Wesley Bryan underwent surgery to fix a torn left labrum, but the 28-year-old PGA Tour pro has already resumed practicing. With his good shoulder, at least.

On Monday, Bryan posted a video of him practicing his chipping, and, let's just say he could actually tie one arm behind his back and still beat you at golf. Easily. Check out this spiffy one-handed highlight:

Of course, this kind of a challenge is a bit unfair considering Bryan's background. Before becoming a winner on both the Tour and PGA Tour, Wes was half of the trick-shot tandem the Bryan Bros with his older brother, George.

So saying Wesley has elite hand-eye skills would be underselling it. In any event, Wesley said last month he hopes to return to the PGA Tour later this year. But by the looks of it, his short game is already in mid-season form.