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If you thought the fake kneel was good, wait until you see the "wrong ball" trick play

November 06, 2019

For 10 glorious days in September, the fake kneel was all the rage in college football. First, Tulane pulled it off to set up the game-winning touchdown against Houston, and then Hawaii used it at the end of the first half to run up the score against Nevada. But if college teams are looking for another trick play to use, they might want to start their search at the pee-wee level.

Introducing the "wrong ball" play, which, it turns out is even easier to run than the fake kneel. All you do is snap the ball, pretend it's the wrong ball, start walking to the sideline to get another ball, and then take off.

Remember at the end of "Little Giants" when Rick Moranis' team ran that crazy "Annexation of Puerto Rico" play? Well, this would have been a lot simpler.

That was easy. Too easy, really. In fact, we heard the opposing team's defensive coordinator is on the hot seat after that debacle. And that Bill Belichick is already looking into whether this play is legal in the NFL. Look for the Patriots to run this late in the fourth quarter when they're up 30 against the Dolphins in Week 17.