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High school basketball coach posterizes his own player to the delight of his team

October 30, 2019

The NBA season is in full gear, but the best dunk of the past couple weeks came in a high school gym and involved some friendly fire. We have no background on how it came to be that a high school basketball coach posterized one of his players back to middle school, but boy, are we glad he did.

When I played high school basketball, we did layup lines, but now the cool drill is to try to dunk on someone (athletes are really evolving, huh?). And for some reason, some undersized shooting guard (been there) tried to take on his much bigger coach. It did not go well. Check it out:

First of all, LOL. The kid never stood a chance! Second, that coach has some serious hops!

I'm all for this type of hands-on teaching. The kid was probably acting like a punk and got what he deserved. Sometimes, you just have to show who's boss. In fact, one of my favorite memories of PE class was when an old-school teach came out of the stands to play floor hockey against a classmate acting up. As soon as the whistle blew, he ran at the kid and checked him into the wall. The kid learned a valuable lesson that day, as I'm sure the one in this video did.

So let me rephrase what I said before. It did not go well for the player, but the coach and the rest of the team loved it, so therefore, it was a success. That's great team bonding right there.