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If these are actually Maury Povich's golf clubs, they're amazing

September 01, 2017

We can't confirm the golf clubs in the photo below actually belong to Maury Povich, but if they do, they're amazing. Our friends at Barstool Sports shared a picture from a private Instagram account of someone who claimed to have caddied for the longtime TV personality and posted this funny photo:

Absolutely perfect. We've seen some great customized stampings on wedges, but "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER" might take the cake. Of course, the saying is in reference to the many paternity-test results that have been revealed on Povich's Maury Show throughout the years.

We can confirm Povich is a golfer -- and a very good one at that. Golf Digest's list of Hollywood's Top 100 Golfers once had him as a 1 handicap.

But he's clearly at an even higher level when it comes to customizing wedges. Either that, or someone else has a really odd sense of humor.