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Ice Hockey inside an 18-wheeler looks like a one-way ticket to CTE

December 20, 2017

In a world full of already way too dangerous sports, it seems like subtraction rather than addition is the only logical answer. Leave it to Vince McMahon and Russia to flip the game on its head and give you all the CTE you can possibly handle.

First, rumors swirled late last week that the WWE CEO was planning a revival of the XFL, otherwise known as "NFL Blitz" but in real life. A few days later, video surfaced of a couple of crazy Russians attempting to play ice hockey inside the back of a moving 18-wheeler, because Russia:

While this stunt straight out of the movie "Jackass" looks like it could be fun, I don't have to try it to assure you that it likely isn't. The only thing fun about attempting this would be walking away concussion-free with all of your limbs intact. Give me a wide open, stationary pond every day of the week over this moving box of hell that was almost certainly green-lit by Putin. Coming soon in Russia: NFL games on pavement.