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The Loop
December 19, 2017

We found the perfect hockey rink, and it's somewhere in Montana

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 5.36.50 PM.png

The hockey-crazed among us harbor fantasies about unspoiled frozen lakes tucked in remote backwoods, with ice as clear as glass, endless Labatt's on tap, and Minka Kelly driving the Zamboni. Apparently this place exists, save for maybe the beer and the photogenic ice maintenance staff.


Avalanche Lake is located in Glacier National Park, in the northwest corner of Northwest Montana. We only looked this up after stumbling upon the below online video, which immediately triggered thoughts of an emergency "business trip" over Christmas weekend that would involve our skates, a stick, and not an awkward family dinner in sight.

Of course, the nature of semi-viral online videos is this little corner of hockey heaven will probably be overpopulated by noon on Thursday, with a line of cars snaking around the mountain, and James Earl Jones selling T-shirts. But for a little while, it looks as close to perfect as hockey can get. Heck, we'd even bring our own beer.