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Hunter Renfrow gets roasted by new teammate Davante Adams for ordering the smallest Uber ever

At 6-foot-1 and 215 pounds, Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is the type of human that needs some leg room, be it on a plane or, say, an Uber. Considering he's due to make $140 million over the next five years from the Raiders, Adams is always smashing XL when it comes to ordering Ubers, too.

As for teammate and fellow wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, well, he's not quite as large as adams (5-foot-10, 185 pounds), and he's also not as rich. The scrappy slot wideout is certainly not poor, either, as he's due to make $32 million over the next two years. But inflation is hitting very different right now, and with Renfrow left in charge of ordering an Uber for himself, Adams, quarterback Derek Carr and another new LV WR, Mack Hollins, Renfrow went small and cheap, and he got roasted for it:

I know it's a normal sedan, but that actually looks like the smallest car ever. Of course, any NFL player is going to make an Uber look small, but Renfrow appears to be eating his knees for breakfast in that front seat, and he's the smallest of the four. At least they all got a kick out of it. Oh, and it sounds like they are going to TopGolf. That place is expensive as hell so it makes sense that Renfrow would look for any opportunity to save money on their way there. Chess, not checkers.