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How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition: Mike Vrabel questionably goes for two and fails miserably

The annual "oh shit there's an NFL game on right now" game in London took place on Sunday morning between the Tennessee Titans and L.A. Chargers, and it went just about how you'd expect. It was sloppy, it was ugly, it featured some bad coaching decisions and you probably didn't realize it was on until late in the second quarter. It's totally not stupid and I wish there were more 9:30 a.m. ET kicks in London so I can forget to take an injured Melvin Gordon out of my fantasy lineup. I'm not bitter.

Those who did wake up in time for the second half were treated to a wild finish though, and one that has led to an epic pick-a-side debate over a questionable call by Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel with the game on the line. Down 20-13, Marcus Mariota connected with tight end Luke Stocker for a touchdown with 31 seconds to go, pulling the Titans within one point. The play capped off a 13-play, 89-yard drive that summed up much of the play in the second half, a half dominated by Tennessee. The question now was, step on their neck and go for two and the win? Or, take your chances with OT and continue to impose your will on the Chargers' gassed defense.

Vrabel went with option 1, and even got a second chance at it after they failed on the first attempt but got a defensive holding call. Now, from the one-yard line this time, the Titans went again, and ... passed it again despite having Derrick Henry on their team. Mariota's pass was tipped and then sailed over his receiver's head, leading to a 20-19 loss. Vrabel's aggressive mindset is one many can get behind, it was just the execution part he failed miserably at. This wasn't exactly Frank Reich levels of WTF, but anytime the aggressive play doesn't pay off, there will be many takes. Let's have a look at a few from the immediate aftermath on Twitter.

There you have it, folks. Mike Vrabel was commendably aggressive while also being the worst coach in NFL history. Twitter remains the best.