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How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition: Brady beats Rodgers, leading to insufferable debating

November 05, 2018
Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots

Maddie Meyer

Whatever happened on Sunday Night Football between the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers was going to have absolutely zero effect on any "greatest of all time" discussion between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. In the grand scheme, it was just a fun week 9 matchup between an AFC and a NFC team that had a little extra juice because of the guys under center, who, may I remind you, are never actually on the field together.

But of course, we are living in 2018, where everything is the BEST, everyone must be the GOAT, and all debates must end with someone EVISCERATING someone else (we're guilty of this, no doubt). Even though we know Brady has five Super Bowls to Rodgers' one, even though we know Rodgers has been stuck with one of the most overrated coaches ever and Brady has had one of the greatest ever, even though those of us with two eyes know that Brady is an all-time that is probably the greatest winner ever, while Rodgers is by far the most talented we've ever seen, we absolutely had to debate all these things to a mind-numbing degree no matter the outcome of the game. There were "BUT..."'s, there were plenty of "well, actually"'s and you bet your ass there were a ton of insecure Boston fans who need to whine about everything anyway despite all their teams' successes.

So without further ado, I give you the Brady vs. Rodgers GOAT debate on Twitter in the aftermath of New England's 31-17 victory, a game that we'll all remember as much as the last Brady vs. Rodgers duel, which was ... yeah, no one remembers.

Little sidebar: Is this the only form of comedy now? Putting everyone's head on some movie character or WWE character? Please for the love of god make it stop.

Lawrence Taylor would like a word.

Oh I hope it is. If it means I don't have to sift through these terrible takes anymore I hope they both retire today.

Thank you, Cody Zeller, for your random input.


L O L.

Alright, that's enough for today.