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How’d Blake Bortles Do, Twitter Edition: Special Blake Bortles Edition

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers

Brett Carlsen

On Sunday, Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars rolled into Heinz Field as a 7-point underdog against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was despite the fact the Jags had already stomped them 30-9 in that same stadium earlier this season. Still, no one gave them a chance, mainly because Bortles was under center.

The former no. 3 overall pick’s play is the is subject of constant criticism from fans, media, keyboard warriors on Twitter, etc. It never seems to faze him, and he often shakes it off with a joke. This was the case earlier this week when he was asked about the criticism, to which he responded, "It'll probably never stop. There's people who think Lebron James if that happens, I'm sure there will always be people who always think I suck.” Even this reasonable, tongue-in-cheek thought has been criticized by some who take things way too literally.

Bortles responded on the field as he often has this season, by playing surprisingly well. After a stunning 45-42 victory over the Steelers, he’s headed to New England to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship. What a time to be alive.

The same Twitter that judges Bortles' entire career off a GIF of one interception he threw in 2015 was actually quite good on Sunday, celebrating the Jags victory with some clean old fashioned fun. Because of this, it was only right to revive “How’d Your Team Do, Twitter Edition” with a Special Blake Bortles edition. Who better to start with than the Blake Bortles Facts Account itself, which got the proceedings going early during Saturday’s games. Take it away, whoever you are:

Then, the account foreshadowed what would eventually occur at Heinz Field:

Still a fact 24 hours later ^^

So far, just one tweet after the victory, likely because whoever it is is crunching some very important numbers:

As difficult as it is to go toe-to-toe with the Bortles Facts account, everyone did a pretty bang up job, starting with some outstanding LeBron comparisons that we all knew were coming:

Even better? Brady comparisons, which are going to look 10 times as hilarious next Sunday ... when Bortles beats him:

Shakespeare comparisons? Of course!

Movie villain / Jesus / Jedi comparisons!!!!!!!

Plenty of telling #stats and #numbers were thrown around:

Finally, the best of the rest:

Be careful what you wish for ...