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How tough is the XFL? Dallas Renegades OC broke his leg in the second quarter and still coached the rest of the game

Show of hands: Who's still watching the XFL? Hello? [Taps mic] Anybody? XFL Deux: Full Throttle took a big ratings hit in Week 4, shedding 2.1 million viewers from Week 2 in a trajectory that feels all too familiar for fans of the AAF and OG XFL before it. The league says it's prepared to weather rough patches like this. That they're built for the long haul. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but we do know this: If the navy suits at XFL HQ are half has tough Dallas Renegades OC Hal Mumme, who coached nearly three quarters of the TeXXXas Bowl on Sunday night on a broken leg after a sideline collision with Cameron Artis-Payne, then the league will be just fine:

Hal, in keeping with the Alliance of Hals across the globe, had this to say about his injury.

Look up grit in a dictionary, and it's just a picture of Hal in a Corvette flipping you off. Also, we're hashtagging everything #AirRaid from here on in, even especially if it's only tangentially related to football.

Unfortunately for hobbled Hal, the Dallas Renegades fell to the 4-0 Houston Roughnecks, putting up a scant 20 points in the process. Scoring has been an issue league-wide, and could be part of the reason people have suddenly found something better to do with their Saturday afternoons than sit around and watch a bunch of guys not named He Hate Me run down their own coaches in cold blood.