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This simple drill can help you extend for more power

Proper extension in the golf swing can smooth out your tempo and increase your speed, but it can be difficult to learn how to achieve it correctly on your own. With this at-home drill from Golf Digest Teaching Professional Erika Larkin, you can create natural extension in your swing from just about anywhere.

Follow along with her simple drill to add pop to your shots.

With your normal grip and stance, hold onto a heavy rope or towel. Allow your shoulders to turn back and forth, starting with small swings and building up to a full swing as you gain momentum. You should notice that there are two moments where the rope straightens out: halfway through your backswing and then through impact, Larkin says.

“That’s when the slack naturally comes out of the rope on both sides of the swing,” Larkin says.

Remember, relaxed muscles are fast muscles. Creating extension in your swing isn’t about forcing your arms to straighten out.

“You don’t have to make it happen. Let it happen,” Larkin says.

This drill is a fantastic way to rehearse your swing when you can’t get to the course and also makes for a great pre-round warm-up. Use Larkin’s swing thought “reach (halfway back), reach (through impact)” to create a solid tempo while you feel your arms extend naturally on both sides of your swing. You’ll feel the smoother tempo and pick up some extra yards.

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