How the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor training aid will help anyone make more putts

November 12, 2019

Having burst on the scene in 2007, the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor is an oldie but goodie. Putting guru Dave Pelz engineered the 9-inch-long plastic aid with the belief that every putt starts as a straight one. At address, check your face alignment, and a white line gives you a visual cue of your intended line. The Putting Tutor also trains you to contact the ball with a square face, as a pushed or pulled putt careens into marbles perched on the far end, causing them to ricochet off the board.

Once you set up with a square face and consistently stroke on-line putts, it’s time to focus on speed and green reading. However, if misses continue, try setting the Putting Tutor on a different aim line. One more thing: The product works well both indoors and outdoors thanks to metal weights that prevent it from shifting.

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