COVID-19 SupportMarch 20, 2020

How some golf companies are stepping up to help with the face-mask shortage during the coronavirus outbreak

seamus mask.png

The lack of face masks in the United States, and the world, is one of the major challenges associated with the spreading of the coronavirus. Medical professionals need them, as do members of the general population who are either infected or at high risk of contracting the coronavirus. To help with the shortage, two golf companies have stepped up.

Seamus Golf, known for their cool head covers, has new plans for their sewing machines. Instead of designing new head covers, the team at Seamus figured out how to make face masks. They estimate that in three days, they will be able to make 5,000 masks. The company has not yet started production.

Environmentally-minded golf sock company IS Golf, whose socks are made with recycled coffee and plastic bottles, is partnering with actor Kunal Nayyar in purchasing and distributing 1,000 N95 medical masks to "small, local organizations" that need them most. Nayyar announced their initiative in an Instagram post Saturday. The duo is asking folks to comment on his social-media post to identify organizations that need the masks most. Details can be found in the below post:

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