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How Netflix is unintentionally honoring Arnold Palmer with its new rating system

March 17, 2017

Netflix is changing the way viewers rate its programs, ditching the five-star scale that's been in place for several years. "Five stars feels very yesterday now," Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin said on Thursday.

OK. . . So what newfangled rating system did Netflix come up with instead? A choice between giving something a thumbs up or a thumbs down. How revolutionary!

The big change (it seems the main motivation is to get more viewers to rate shows) is set to take place in April, but that it won't be immediate across all titles. Actually, I'll be glad to see that four-star rating for "The Office" removed. I mean, who are the savages out there not giving "The Office" five stars?!

It also just so happened this announcement was made on Day 1 of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Among many things, The King was known for giving the thumbs up:


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So let's just chalk this up as another tribute -- albeit completely unintentional -- to The King. Happy binge-watching, everyone.