How He Hit ThatMay 25, 2015

How He Hit That: Colin Montgomerie's major precision

Colin Montgomerie had to hear plenty of "best player to never win a major talk" during his years on the regular tours.

That's over now, literally and figuratively.

Monty won his third senior major in 10 starts, repeating at the Senior PGA Championship with a dominating four-shot win over Esteban Toledo. Montgomerie finished 8-under par for the week, and was one of only five players in red figures at the fierce Pete Dye Course in French Lick, Indiana.

Precise iron play in windy conditions led to five birdies in an eight hole stretch on Sunday afternoon, expanding a 2-shot lead over Toledo to cruise-in width.

"Monty has always been an incredible ball-striker, and it's because of how stable he is down through the ball," says top New York teacher Michael Jacobs, who is based at X Golf School at Rock Hill Country Club in Manorville, on Long Island. "He repeats that 'execution phase' over and over again, and he makes such good contact that wind doesn't really bother his shots."

To get more of Monty's precision in your game, try to copy his left arm position down through impact, says Jacobs. "As he comes down to the ball, his left arm is hanging straight down. Most people have their arm raised up, either because the club is coming from the outside or they're trying to pull it around from the inside," says Jacobs. "That straight down position when the club is about waist high in the downswing is a great checkpoint position for anybody. When Monty is there, he basically can't miss."

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