Spelling Tests

How does one golf-obsessed child misspell speech? Pricelessly, as it were

December 15, 2017

How does a child obviously obsessed with golf spell speech? See for yourself here, via this Tweet posted by a teacher in Kansas City, Mo.

There is only one possible takeaway from the kid’s spelling error and that is that he’s watching too much golf, though, of course, it is impossible to watch too much golf.

Presumably, when the words rocky and surge come up on a future spelling test, the kid will spell them rickie and sergio. But we digress.

Jordan Spieth’s mother Christine saw the teacher’s Tweet and responded with her own:

We agree on rewarding the child with extra credit and fully understand her reference to spelling the name correctly. It often isn’t, notwithstanding how ubiquitous it has become in golf circles.

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Good thing his last name isn't Ooshuizen.


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