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Hooters will mend your broken heart with free wings this Valentine's Day

February 08, 2018

Single? Bitter? Jilted and jaded about the cruel reality of romance? Well, then Valentine's Day probably sucks for you. Hell, it sucks for most people in relationships too. But this year Hooters is helping to heal bruised and broken hearts across America, one wing at a time.

Part of the thighs-and-breast specialist's new #ShredYourEx campaign, if you order 10 boneless wings on Wednesday, February 14th, you get an additional 10 on the house (that's 20 wings in which to drown your sorrows, which seems like plenty). The catch? In order to be eligible, you must bring in a photo of your ex and shred it right there at Hooters with the in-house Hooters paper shredder. Yes, this a real thing that is actually happening.

In order to determine the most appropriate method of image disposal, however, Hooters strongly encourages interested parties to complete an online #ShredYourEx survey before visiting your local T&A temple for a weekday afternoon of unhinged catharsis and gastro-intestinal abuse. You can read the brand's official statement below, in case this isn't simple enough for you:

Activating the deal is as simple as bringing a photo of your ex to your favorite local Hooters location on Valentine’s Day, where Hooters Girls will help you shred the evidence. Guests can also receive a digital coupon for the free wings and let the healing begin ahead of time by taking the #ShredYourEx quiz online at

Mend your broken heart. Get rid of that photographic reminder of you-know-who by answering a few quick questions. Your responses will provide the most satisfying method of disposal, so the healing can begin.

No word yet on whether shredding photos of multiple exes will net you additional wings, but bring them anyway. Wings or no wings, something tells us it will still be worth it.