Important PSA

Holly Sonders wants everyone to know that was NOT her getting kicked off an airplane

September 18, 2023

About the only thing hotter on social media than golf course fights these days are videos of people being kicked off of airplanes. And we got another doozy over the weekend as one woman was recorded being given the boot—and she seemed to almost enjoy it.

"Film me!" she said. "I'm Instagram famous, you f---ing bum." Boom.

While it's an instant classic quote, we have no clue what started the sequence of the woman wearing a bodysuit grabbing her bags and exiting. The profanity couldn't have helped, though. You can't say "bomb" on an airplane as Ben Stiller once found out and you probably shouldn't say F-bombs, either. Have a look—and kids, ear muffs, please.

We do know one thing for certain, however. That woman was NOT Holly Sonders. Not that we thought it was, but a couple co-workers raised the question, and apparently enough people on Twitter were as well to warrant a response from the former Golf Channel star and recent (fantastic) guest on The Loop podcast.

Good job getting out in front of the situation, Holly. Although, again, it's clearly NOT her in the video. For one thing, the Holly we know (from that pod episode) is better than that. For another, someone who makes as much money as you do and is Oscar De La Hoya's fiancee, probably wouldn't be slumming it in economy class.

As for the plane person's true identity, well, Holly's theory checks out, because that person is in fact "Instagram famous." But again, Holly is much, much more than that with her extensive TV background and a new "sports" league she recently founded. (You can learn more about it by listening to our pod with her.)

OK, that's all for this super important PSA. And, yes, admittedly, we really just wanted to use this story as an excuse to share our podcast with Holly again. Thanks for reading/listening. Oh yeah, and in case you missed it (not sure how that's possible if you've been reading this), here's that pod episode again: