Embrace Debate

Should a hole-in-one 'count' in a scramble?


Cappi Thompson

Few things get Golf Twitter all hot and bothered quite like a healthy hole-in-one debate. But, at this point, haven't we heard them all? "Does a hole-in-one count on a par-3 course?" (no). "Does a hole-in-one count if no one is watching?" (probably not). "Does a hole-in-one count on a simulator?" (LOL, stop embarrassing yourself).

But even for us, this was a new one, and it comes courtesy of golf data guru Lou Stagner, who has been known to rile folks up on social media every now and then:

To be honest, I'd never even give this any thought, mainly because I've never had an ace and the handful of times I've come close haven't been in a scramble, so I didn't have to deal with the "would that have counted if I made it?" nightmares. 

That said, as a self-proclaimed hole-in-one stickler, this one certainly got the wheels turning. Good job, Lou. 

My two fellow co-hosts of The Loop podcast, Alex Myers and Stephen Hennessey, also do not have aces in their golf careers and also consider themselves sticklers in this department. It led to a passionate discussion that we all, believe it or not, ended up on the same side of. Please, listen to this week's episode below to hear more, and to hear our chat with legendary NFL wide receiver-turned golfer Calvin Johnson, AKA "Megatron."