Getting Warm

British Open 2023: This Hideki Matsuyama stretch looks an awful lot like a twerk and the internet is not mad about it

Tour pros will try just about anything to get their bodies right for a major championship week. New diets, different sleep schedules, extra time with the physio, you name it. Apparently, you can also add "twerking" to that list.

For those who don't know what that is, good. You're better off not knowing. For those that do, you'll understand that we're kidding when we say that Hideki Matsuyama was twerking on the range on Tuesday at Royal Liverpool. But whatever this stretch is that he was doing certainly looks an awful lot liek a twerk:

Because this video is now on the internet, someone was able to isolate Matsuyama's hips thrusting back and forth so that you can watch him twerk-strech on repeat. Now you'll never be able to unsee it:

Can you imagine Deki doing this on the first tee, while Patrick Cantlay is taking forever to hit the ball? Brooks Koepka might WD before pegging the tee in the ground. 

All kidding aside, this looks like a decent stretch for getting the lower back and the hips warm, which are both pretty important in the golf swing. Perhaps "the Hideki stretch" might start sweeping the nation, although the Miguel Angel Jimenez's stretches never quite did, as funny as they were to watch: