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Hey, what's up with that?!!

February 26, 2009

It's been a tough couple of weeks for golf. Sure, Tiger came back, but so did Barney Frank, and in most places (see Monterey Peninsula) the weather hasn't broken and spouses across the nation are on the prowl for golf store receipts, unaware of the tremendous power these purchases have as economic stimuli. Times are tough, gentle readers, and you are cranky. A sampling of what's bugging you this week:



Dear Editor,>

What the hell is going on! Golf has become a game of lost and found. Every club has a head cover, golf bags have so many pockets you forget which one has your golf balls, let alone the extra time it takes to find your car keys afterwards. How long will this madness carry on? Let's simplify the game and get back to basics people! Golf is complicated enough !!>


Disgruntled golf person,>

Sakinsin Shaffer


Dear Editor,

Who does Dave Shedloski think he's writing to in his Feb 23, 2009 TourTalk article? His inclusion of "vicissitudes, conundrum and egalitarian" are a sampling of words that sent me to the dictionary. Does this knucklehead have a 28+ handicap and is just trying to aggravate us single-digits? I think I'll pass next time I see his name at the bottom of a story. Know you audience. This isn't the New Yorker.


Bill Gowen

Rex Corporation

Dear Editor,

Yet another rained-out tournament at Pebble Beach! When will the suits at the PGA realize that you can't play golf in February in Northern California with any certainty? Move it to Arizona and then come back in April when they can get four days of predictable weather. Am I missing something here or is my logic out of whack?

James Kidd


Dear Editor,

Please tell me that PGA Tour caddies aren't taught to stand directly between the TV camera and the cup on the greens. I know they're not, but sometimes it's hard to tell. For example, during Saturday's CBS telecast from Rivieria, Mark Calcavecchio's caddie provided a perfect screen of a putt that would have pulled Calc within a stroke of the lead. Not only is his caddie a large man, but he also put his hands on this waist and with his elbows out, looked like a big bird stretching his wings. If the can teach caddies to chart yardages, rake traps, clean clubs, and especially know where to park their man's bag, you'd think the tour would school them so they don't block the view of thousands of golf fans watching the tube.

Bob Fick

Auburn Hills, MI

Dear Editor,

An edition without Johnny Miller wont be coming to this house much longer.

Ken Bedal

Henderson TN

Thank you all for sharing. I'd suggest you all try a calm-down pill, but your health plans probably don't cover that any longer so take a moment to thank the Lord for the things which still, in the vicissitudes of this recession, haven't been downsized out of your life: woven wool wood covers, instant replay, Davids Owen, Kindred and Leadbetter and the all other writers who are still with us, including, come to think of it, yourselves. Have good weekend.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: J.D. Cuban)