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Hang in there, Herm

Herm Edwards flying commercial out of Tempe after getting fired on the field is the saddest scene imaginable

September 19, 2022

How was your weekend? Did your car break down? Did your date cancel? Did you run out of toilet paper or catch COVID? Are you a fan of the Cleveland Browns? All qualifying factors for a “bad weekend,” no doubt. But no matter how bad it got [cough Cardinals under bettors cough], take some solace in the fact that it wasn’t as rough as Herm Edwards’.

On Saturday, the former Arizona State ball coach lost by double digits on home turf to Eastern Michigan. As Edwards left the field, he was greeted by ASU’s president and AD in the end zone. A brief conversation and some condolences ensued, and Edwards was escorted toward the tunnel. A short while later it was announced that Edwards had been relieved of his duties.

Did Edwards get fired right there on the turf for all the players, cameras, and janitorial staff to see? We may never know for certain, but if so, it's gotta be one of the most brutal sh*tcannings in CFB history. Then to make matters even worse, on Monday, hours after losing his cushy D1 job, Edwards was seen leaving the great state of Arizona once and for all … on a commercial flight

Waiting in line with boarding group Z, printed ticket in hand, single bagful of belongings slung over his shoulder. Short of Herm’s defense, you can’t draw up a sadder scene. We’re sure he’ll land on his feet at Big Noon Kickoff or something, but it still hurts to see a guy down this bad. So chin up, Herm. Hang tough. We don’t know where and we don’t know when, but it gets better.