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Here's Johnny Miller eating Cheez Whiz straight from the can like an absolute madman during his final broadcast

February 02, 2019

Johnny Miller's final broadcast on Saturday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open has delivered in a big way. Sure, there's been a few too many tribute videos, and a certain song that probably should have been left on the cutting room floor. But for the most part it's been very entertaining, especially when Johnny went scorched earth on an entire country's food:

Slinging heat until the very final minute of his broadcasting career. That's why you got to love Johnny, and everyone is currently showering praise on him as we approach the end of coverage. Well, that was until Dan Hicks revealed Miller's disgusting habit of eating Cheez Whiz directly out of the can throughout the broadcast. Absolute serial-killer type stuff:

What's worse is that this is something he's done FOREVER, which Hicks mentioned to Golf Digest on Saturday prior to coverage. We're at a complete loss for words, and everyone else watching was too, or they were dry-heaving. It would be so much more acceptable if he just put it on a cracker, or a piece of bread. Hell, if he ate it off his shoe it'd be more acceptable then spraying it down his throat like it's whipped cream. We're not alone on this stance either:

No wonder he doesn't like the food in Scotland. He's eating canned cheese! Doesn't get more American than that.