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Here are two New York Rangers in goofy hockey version of drive-by challenge

August 14, 2017

Of the 16 teams that made the Stanley Cup Playoffs last spring, the New York Rangers' power play ranked 15th, scoring just three goals. This might explain why the Blueshirts failed to make it past the second round against the bloody Ottawa Senators, and why their franchise goalie continues to see the sands of his brilliant career drop rapidly through the hourglass without the biggest prize in his sport.

(Do we sound bitter about this? We're not bitter. OK, fine, we're a little bitter.)

The good news, Rangers fans, is the team appears to have been working on the power play during the summer. Well, kind of.

If you've heard of the #DriveByDunkChallenge that has emerged as a viral sensation this summer, you might wonder how two Minnesota-bred professional hockey players might attempt to create their version in a home state in which seemingly every house has a street hockey net out front. The answer is this #DriveBySlapshotChallenge in which Rangers defensemen Ryan McDonagh and Brady Skjej navigate Minnesota suburbia to one-time a few blasts into unsuspecting nets, and catch the whole thing on camera.

The resulting video is sufficiently goofy and funny, and most heartening to frustrated Rangers fans, it shows the two core blueliners gaining some needed traction on the man advantage as they head into training camp.

Nice work, boys. Next up is doing so against another team. With a goalie in the net. And, you know, on skates.