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Here are a few of Tiger Woods' fairly odd superstitions

February 12, 2019

When trying to unpack the greatness of Tiger Woods, one points to the confluence of fast-twitch muscles, mental fortitude, and instinct. Also, three tees his right pocket. Always.

As part of his exclusive content partnership with Discovery's GOLFTV, Woods and buddy Fred Couples were asked by correspondent Henni Zuel about their collection of superstitions and phobias. Woods' list started out pretty standard. He doesn't like spiders. Pretty universal. Then he shared the endearing reason he marks his ball with a 1932 quarter.

"It was the year my dad was born. He taught me how to putt," Woods says of his father Earl, who died in 2006. "So my dad is always there with me when I play."

From there, though, Woods' particulars get oddly specific, which is maybe the type of precision one requires to win 80 PGA Tour events, including 14 majors. For instance, Woods said he always carries three tees in his right pocket. His yardage book goes in his back right pocket. If he just has a pin sheet, it goes in his front left pocket—which is where he carries his chapstick, too (also, Woods apparently always carries chapstick).

Also intriguing is Woods' arrangement with caddie Joe LaCava, which is less a superstition and more a reflection of his sense of control. After Couples divulged that LaCava always drove when he caddied for him for 23 years, it is the opposite with Woods.

"Never, ever," Woods said about LaCava driving.

You can see the whole video here, in which Woods and Couples also discuss the beginnings of their friendship.