#HelpMeGolfDigestAugust 14, 2014

HelpMeGolfDigest: Chris Smeal fixes your body movement and improves your feel

Chris Smeal runs one of the busiest and most successful junior programs on the West Coast -- Future Champions Golf at Stadium Golf in San Diego. A Golf Digest top teacher in California, Smeal has worked with players who have gone on to Division I scholarships and AJGA victories. This week, he takes a look at the hashtagged swings you submitted for our regular #HelpMeGolfDigest project.

The first one comes from @robbiesharkey, who struggles with a slice. Smeal offers some setup changes that will turn that slice into a draw.

"To draw it, you need to get the path of your club swinging more to the right on the downswing," says Smeal, who played college golf at San Diego State. "Widen your stance so your feet are outside your shoulders. With the driver, it should feel like your back foot comes up much later. Flare both of your toes outward slightly and adjust your right-hand grip so the thumb is more up and on top. The V created by your thumb and forefinger should be pointing at your right ear. Lastly, try to relax your hands, shoulders and forearms to produce more speed."

Reader @m_scavuzzo needs to incorporate more body movement into his swing to get the most clubhead speed he can. That movement starts before the swing.

"Pretty good swing here, but I want to see you get your legs and feet more involved," Smeal says. "A pre-shot routine is going to help you. Waggle your wrists and the clubhead, and shuffle your feet in small movements to stay fluid. As you swing back, the left knee should rotate behind the ball while your right knee stays inside your shoe. Groove these moves and swing to a balanced finish."

The last swing comes from @jttsai81, who is a veteran of one of Golf Digest's instruction schools in California. Smeal says his swing just needs a bit of fine-tuning.

"You're on your way to a great swing. I like a lot of the things you're doing," Smeal says. "A great drill for you is to pick a small target 50 yards away and visualize hitting draws and fades to the right and left of it. To hit the draw, align your body slightly right and feel your club path following slightly right as well. Finish with your right shoulder much higher than the swing you show here."

Keep submitting your hashtagged swings for the next edition of #HelpMeGolfDigest. We'll be picking a collection of chipping and putting videos soon.

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