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The Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" Challenge has officially peaked thanks to Harry Higgs

Much like my colleague Coleman Bentley, I grow tired of social media trends quite quickly. The Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" Challenge is no exception, even if it's an all-time great tune that I could listen to on repeat. 

Despite Coleman's plea that the Buffalo Bills' "Dreams" Challenge submission should be the last, it will continue to be beaten into the ground by every brand under the sun. That said, if it's done right, it can still bring a gigantic smile to your face. Surprise, surprise, the PGA Tour got its "Dreams" Challenge right, using none other than the legendary Harry Higgs. Look up "match made in heaven" in the dictionary and this video will appear: 

Perfection. Even the contrarian, please-make-this-social-media-trend-stop haters like myself have to tip our cap on this one. Other than, say, Max Homa or Shane Lowry, the tour could not have picked a better guy to pull this off. It should come as no surprise that Higgs was both willing and able. Remember, this is the same dude who nailed a "Seinfeld" skit back when he was on the Korn Ferry Tour. He gets it. More Higgs, please and thank you.