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Harrison Butker’s 42-inch vertical might be the most athletic moment in kicker history

Kickers get a bad rap. Coaches call them out in ways they never would their sensitive QBs. Front offices dump them like inept interns. Fans call for blood with each missed chip shot and stage public shamings in the streets. Sure, they’re not the most athletic bipeds on earth, but Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is out to change all of that with perhaps the most athletic moment in kicker history. Suck on this, haters.

A 42-inch vertical would have Combine scouts drooling over a defensive back, let alone a kicker. It's hard to believe this guy boots extra points for a living. When compared to the athleticism bar set by peers like Garo Yepremian and Martin Gramatica, Butker is clearing it with ease.

For reference, Butker’s 42-inch vert is a full NINE inches higher than what Amari Cooper recorded at the Combine and roughly equal to that of Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Not bad for a special teams guy, and an important reminder, especially in times like these, that kickers are people too.