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Hard pass on this video of a skydiver pulling his friend's chute after he was knocked out mid-jump

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These days an adrenaline rush constitutes going to the store grocery. You're now a risk taker if you leave the house without a bomb disposal suit. Fighting soccer moms for toilet paper is part of X Games now. There was a time, however, when humans were able to do incredible (and incredibly dumb) things at will. We even jumped OUT OF airplanes for fun. I know, I know. Sounds crazy but it's true. Just ask Ben Pigeon, an avid skydiver who posted this 2014 video of himself being knocked out at 10,000 feet only to be rescued by the quick thinking of his friend last week. If you want to remember just how nuts humans once were, this is a pretty good place to start.

Thinking about walking within five feet of someone today just for the thrill? Well, hopefully this scratches that itch. Poor Pigeon is the only guy who needs to be putting his life on the line today, getting clobbered by a fellow skydiver's flying leg kick at nearly 200 airborne miles an hour. In fact, not only did Pigeon lose consciousness mid-jump, plummeting toward earth blissfully unaware of the fact he was PLUMMETING TOWARD FREAKING EARTH, apparently the resulting concussion was so bad that when he did finally make his way to the ground and was asked if he was OK, he replied "what do you mean I just got out of my tent," pointing to his parachute. As this second angle makes clear, no tents were harmed—or in any way involved—in the making of this video.

Apparently, Pigeon's concussion was so bad, he couldn't remember anything for three days before the incident, but perhaps that's for the best. Hell, we just saw this and already want to forget it.