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Hank Haney: Sharpen Your Aim

By Hank Haney Photos by J.D. Cuban
March 09, 2016

Golf is hard. Don't make it any harder by turning good swings into bad results because you're not aiming properly.

Looking back at the great players, you see lots of different swings. But virtually all of these players aimed the same way, starting behind the ball and picturing where and how they wanted it to fly.

Many amateurs get in their stance first, then look up, see some trouble and move their feet around to try to aim away from it. Or they take one look at the target, then focus all their attention down at the ball.

Try this instead. Stand behind the ball, facing the target, and see the line you want to start your shot on. Pick an intermediate target a few feet in front of your ball, and picture a line from your ball to that target. Then walk in and set your body lines—feet, hips and shoulders—parallel to that line. Over the ball, look from the intermediate target to your real target as you "see" in your mind the shot you want to hit.

I'll bet you get better results without making a single change to your mechanics.

One of the things they show you in driving school is that the car goes where you're looking. Stare at a tree, and you might smash into it. Same for golf. Obsess over that water hazard down the right side, and you're probably going in it, even if you try to hit an anti-right shot. Instead, stay focused on where you want to end up. Use your subconscious mind to your advantage.