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Guy who won that Super Bowl Twitter bet to go on a date with Genie Bouchard is a huge Tiger Woods fan

February 16, 2017

On Wednesday night, tennis star and SI swim model Genie Bouchard went on a much-publicized date with a guy she lost a bet to on Twitter during the Super Bowl. As you can probably guess, this stemmed from Bouchard being pretty confident tin the Atlanta Falcons after they got out to a big lead in the big game. But one man, 20-year-old University of Missouri student John Goehrke, saw the situation as an opportunity.

After Bouchard tweeted that she "knew Atlanta would win," Goehrke asked:

Much to his surprise, Bouchard responded, "Sure." Even more surprising to Bouchard was when the New England Patriots came back and won. Whoops.

Now take a closer look at Goehrke's Twitter handle and profile. It turns out he's a HUGE Tiger Woods fan.


Other than his rabid Tiger fanaticism, apparently, Goehrke is a pretty normal dude otherwise. So Bouchard went through with the date -- the two attended a Nets game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn -- and shared a few photos.

Bouchard, 22, even told TMZ there would be a second date. Good for the young man. With the way Woods' comeback has been going, he needed this a lot more than people realized.