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Graeme McDowell gets "owned" by Padraig Harrington's delightful Ryder Cup dagger

November 29, 2019

Graeme McDowell carved the turkey at his own Thanksgiving gathering on Thursday. But the sharpest cut from G-Mac's house wound up coming from one of his guests.

Padraig Harrington was one of those in attendance and aside from being one of McDowell's longtime friends, he also happens to be Europe's Ryder Cup captain next year. But if Graeme was hoping to get in the good graces of a man who has the power to put him back in the event, it didn't work out that way. The playful back and forth began with Paddy posting this video of him getting in some practice (of course) in G-Mac's backyard:

Having buttered up Harrington by playing host, G-Mac seized the opportunity to make a play for one of Paddy's four captain's picks:

But. . . it didn't work out the way he intended.

Well played, Paddy. Even McDowell acknowledged he got "owned":

That's OK, G-Mac, there's still plenty of time to earn your way onto the team. Oh, and there's always Christmas. Get Paddy something really nice and you might still have a shot.