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Gordon Hayward is already back in the gym "chair shooting" after suffering gruesome injury in NBA opener

November 06, 2017

Less than three weeks after suffering one of the most gruesome injuries you'll ever see (and if you didn't see it, we suggest you keep it that way), Gordon Hayward is already back in the gym. No, he's not quite going up for alley-oops again just yet, but he's working on his touch with something he calls "chair shooting." Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge shared this photo of Hayward on Sunday night:

Ainge is the person who gave Hayward a four-year, $128-million contract in July. However, he doesn't seem to be splurging when it comes to turning on the lights in the gym for his prized free agent. Or maybe that's another part of Hayward's training.

In any event, Hayward is presumably out for the rest of the season as he recovers from a fractured tibia and a dislocated ankle. But he's kept a positive attitude about the unfortunate situation:

And if he ever were to come back in time for the playoffs, the rest of the NBA should watch out. Even in Hayward's absence (He played less than six minutes before getting injured), the Celtics, after losing their first two games of the season, are currently on an eight-game winning streak and have moved into first place in the Eastern Conference.