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Google Maps recognizes lone hero's campaign to rename island after Busta Rhymes

When you think of Massachusetts, you think of the Patriots and Paul Revere, Red Sox and clams on the Cape. What happens west of Framingham remains mostly a mystery, but thanks to this local hero from quaint Shrewsbury, the world is finally getting a glimpse of one the strangest cultures in America. His mission? To rename an unmarked local island after Busta Rhymes. This is not drill.

While local officials have repeatedly rebuffed his attempts, savvy Google cartographers made a recent discovery proving that perhaps not all was in vain: The island is currently listed on Google Maps as— wait for it—Busta Rhymes Island.


Now that this has gone viral, there's no telling how long it will last. Soon enough it will probably go back to being a little green blob in the middle of nowhere, but for residents of Shrewsbury, they'll never forget March 6th, 2017—the day Busta Rhymes put their town on the map.