Bricking the layup after this mesmerizing pass was like spitting on the Mona Lisa

As you've heard a million times already, this sports year has been a little bit different. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is that college basketball has still taken a backseat to both pro and college football during the holiday season. 

It's not college basketball's fault, it's just the harsh reality. Did you know Gonzaga was 10-0 and ranked No. 1 overall? That Duke and Kentucky are a combined 5-8 overall? That RUTGERS BASKETBALL is ranked 14th in the nation?! Unless you're a diehard CBB person or a degenerate gambler, this stuff probably didn't have your full attention. 

We're assuming the aforementioned No. 1 ranked Zags didn't have your attention Saturday night either, when they gave WCC-rival San Francisco a good ol' fashioned pummeling, winning 85-62. This game should have featured the assist of the year, and possibly the century, from Gonzaga guard Jalen Suggs, who finished with five points, three boards and two assists. What should have been his third assist was this mesmerizing pass that teammate Dominick Harris failed to finish: 

Seriously, arrest this man. This pass was the equivalent of a painting making its way to the Louvre and Harris came in and splattered crap all over it. Look at the side spin! Look at the placement! Suggs dropped it in Aaron Rodgers style and Harris botched the walk-in TD. Shame. To be fair, he was fouled, and he went on to make one of two free throws. Booooooooo. Now, we begin filming the 30-for-30 on "The Assist That Never Was."