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Latest Anthony Kim sighting sends Golf Twitter into its usual frenzy

There are a few very specific things that get all of Golf Twitter riled up in unison, and the majority are on-course occurrences. An opening birdie for Tiger Woods, a "Jordan Spieth is BACK!" birdie-birdie-birdie run, a Rory McIlroy charge, etc. Amazingly, none of those instances send people rushing to their phones quite like an off-course, Anthony Kim sighting. 

These days, AK sightings are few and far between, which makes each one more special than the last. Our latest AK-in-the-wild photo dropped on Friday, and it sent Golf Twitter into its usual frenzy. Here's the photo, posted by Kim's longtime swing coach Adam Schriber with the caption "2021 is going to be special": 

What does it mean? Who knows. Like everything with AK, it's left to our collective imaginations. We haven't seen him play professional golf in eight years. Are we to believe that THIS picture of all pictures means he's coming back? We'd advise not getting your hopes up. 

And still, Golf Twitter is ready to be hurt again: 

By the way, this wasn't the only photo of AK making the rounds. Here he is (allegedly) with former Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops: 

Again, we have no idea what it all means (Kim was probably in Dallas watching his Alma Mater drill Florida in the Cotton Bowl), but we do know that if AK makes a comeback in 2021, things are officially looking up.